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Ausstellungen verstehen lernen, Texte lesen können und den Künstler interpretieren können; das könnte auch in einer anderen Sprache möglich sein.


Following through on New Years’ resolutions can be so difficult. Attaining that one goal always seems so close yet so far away. If learning a language is one of your goals this year finding a practical plan can help make your goal a reality. Instead of buying language software, or convincing yourself to attend an evening course, why not try something new? Language courses abroad are the easiest most effective way to learn a new language or improve your existing language abilities. Worried about finding the time and motivation? Then make it simple and plan it into your vacation.

Combining a language course abroad with your vacation can be a pleasant cure to any lack in motivation. It’s surprising how much more motivated a person is to learn a language when they are a part of the planning and aren’t bombarded by the usual stresses of everyday life. Learning or improving your language skills while on vacation provides everyday scenarios to apply what you have learned in the classroom. Not only will you find yourself practicing the target language, but making the most out of your vacation by mingling with the locals.

Whether Spanish, German, French, or English is your target language planning out a great vacation in Spain, Germany, France, England, or Ireland might be the key to that extra motivation needed to improve your language abilities. International Projects offers a variety of language holiday packages tailored to fit both your language and holiday needs. Imagine the satisfaction of finally acquiring basic language skills or filling in the holes and improving your existing language abilities. That feeling is priceless.

So before you give up and say “it’ll have to wait till next year”, consider taking a language course abroad and finally mark one of those resolutions off your list.


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